Free MP3 Dharma Talks
by Rama ~ Dr. Frederick Lenz

All of the dharma talks that Rama recorded are available for free now. The talks are in MP3 format and can be downloaded below.

These talks were recorded between 1982 and 1992. They cover a wide variety of topics in self-discovery.

In them Rama provides not only clear and precise presentations of spiritual practice, but the actual darshan too. Enlightenment is taught in words and gestures, but mostly it is transmitted inwardly, via the empowerments and initiations. If you quiet your mind and clear your awareness you will find these too.

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The talks are available in these sets:
The Lakshmi Series
Rama: Live in LA
A Workshop with Rama
Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence
Psychic Development
On the Road with Rama
The Zen Tapes
Tantric Buddhism
The Enlightenment Cycle

The Lakshmi Series

1982 - 1983

downloadIntroductory and Intermediate Meditation1 hr 1 mins
Now, in meditation what we do is something original. We experience God. That is to say, we experience that essence of existence from which we have come forth, which sustains us and to which we will eventually return.

downloadPurity31 mins
Purity is light. Not just an ordinary light that we see in the physical universe, but a transcendental light. Without purity it's impossible to realize God.

downloadHumility30 mins
Humility is the conscious awareness and acceptance of eternity as your own body. Humility is the time that you spend in love—in love with existence itself.

downloadThe Yoga of Love1 hr 1 mins
Love is the easiest and most effective way to begin our search for self realization, for our selves.

downloadThe Yoga of Selfless Giving1 hr 3 mins
The reason you're not happy, the reason the world lacks peace, is that we lack the happiness that comes from self-giving.

downloadThe Yoga of Discrimination1 hr 2 mins
There are four major paths to self realization. Jnana yoga is the graduate school of self-discovery.

downloadThe Yoga of Mysticism and Power1 hr 2 mins
Mysticism is the hidden way. The mystic practices the art of intentionality.

downloadSpiritual Absorption31 mins
The purpose of life is to be absorbed in spirit. Spirit is an undefinable reality that exists within us, around us and beyond us.

downloadNirvana29 mins
Nirvana is not a time or a place or a dimension, although it includes times and dimensions and places.

downloadDeath and Reincarnation1 hr 1 mins
Today I would like to share with you a few thoughts on the subject of your death and the experience of death and rebirth.

downloadSamadhi and The Supraconscious States1 hr 8 mins
I'd like to consider with you what the nature of samadhi is, and try and gain an understanding of not only why an individual seeks to go into samadhi, and how that occurs, but what the result of this process is.

downloadThe Caretaker Personality53 mins
In the process of meditation, we find that we are not one continuous personality, we are not a body, that what our real being is, is light.

downloadThe Tibetan Rebirth Process1 hr 4 mins
So what I would like to attempt to do in the next hour is to talk with you about Tibetan yoga, as it was practiced hundreds of years ago.

downloadLiving and Working In The World1 hr 10 mins
The greatest challenge awaiting you is living and working in the world.

downloadPleasure, Pain and The Senses57 mins
Our journey today concerns illusion, the nature of illusion and the way out of illusion.

downloadHow To Achieve Spiritual Balance44 mins
The way to achieve spiritual balance is without trying. Spiritual balance is something that all of us innately are.

downloadThe Subtle Physical Body56 mins
The subtle physical body is composed of strands or luminous fibers of energy that interconnect different planes and times.

downloadWomen Men and Self Realization54 mins
It is much easier for women to attain spiritual liberation than it is for men to do so.

downloadInaccessibility and Attachment44 mins
Attachment creates pain and frustration. Attachment is the thing that we seek to overcome in self-discovery.

downloadSpiritual Experiences, Dreams and Visions56 mins
The most common type of spiritual experience is the one that you're having at the moment. We call it life.

downloadZen, Taoism and Buddhism42 mins
Today I'd like to talk to you about these ways, not so much from an historical perspective, but from the perspective of one who, in other lifetimes, has practiced and taught these three ways.

downloadThe Occult Body, Auras and The Chakras47 mins
The occult body is a field of attention. It's an avenue of awareness. It's a wind tunnel that connects the different realities.

downloadSpiritual Teachers and The Enlightenment Process56 mins
I would like to address what I consider to be the most difficult topic for a person who seeks enlightenment to deal with.

downloadAdvanced Meditation56 mins
In advanced meditation we not only pass through other planes of consciousness or awareness but we become them.

downloadDreaming58 mins
You are a dream. You are a dream of eternal consciousness in the waking state.

downloadGods, Goddesses and Carrier Beings51 mins
Today I'd like to talk with you about some of the different types of beings that you as a spiritual seeker will encounter on your journey to enlightenment.

downloadDharma and Karma54 mins
Dharma is the truth. Dharma is the truth throughout the ages.

downloadTantra and The Left-Handed Path44 mins
There are dark and gloomy days in the path to self-discovery. There are days when it seems that we'll never be able to see the truth.

downloadLiberation and Self Realization46 mins
Self realization is liberation. Liberation is self realization. There is no beginning and there is no end.

downloadTantric Mysticism47 mins
Everything is one. There's only one eternal reality. Yet there are two.

Rama: Live in L.A.


downloadConsciousness Expansion and Desire1 hr 26 mins
Again, I'm a very strict spiritual teacher, so you have to understand, I'm very old school in my ways. You know, I believe that there's enlightenment and ignorance and there's nothing in between. People can talk all they want to about their great spiritual experiences, as far as I'm concerned it's refracted maya. There is enlightenment and there is ignorance. There is maya and there is nirvana.

downloadLive in LA1 hr 37 mins
Cosmic awareness, or cosmic consciousness, as it's sometimes called, is the realization that we're light, that each one of us is light.

downloadReincarnation and The Tibetan Rebirth1 hr 11 mins
So, the Tibetan Rebirth Process, then, is the awareness that it is possible for a human being, a sentient being, to go through hundreds or thousands of lifetimes within one incarnation. As you examine the more esoteric, as opposed to the exoteric, side of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which is really understood only by a few initiates, we come to see that what the Tibetan Book of the Dead is, is a guide for the living, not the dying.

downloadSeeing, Dreaming and Places of Power57 mins
A place of power is a vortex of energy. There are really two types of places of power.

downloadTantric Mysticism and Meditation1 hr 17 mins
Tonight I'd like to talk a little bit about a timeless subject, and that's meditation. I don't think there's a way we can really define meditation.

A Workshop with Rama


downloadEnlightenment and Self Realization2 hrs 4 min
It's being absorbed in that light, over and over again. Life is wonderful beyond comphrehension.

downloadMeditation and Kundalini2 hrs 22 mins
Meditation essentially means having a great time.

downloadPsychic Development1 hr 43 mins
As you continue your spiritual journey you'll begin to feel the presence of the psychic network. This is 1985, and it's the beginning of a cycle, of time, a very dark cycle of time I suppose you might say. The next 30 years are going to be a very difficult time for humanity. A lot depends on a few people.

Insights: Talks on the Nature of Existence


downloadModular Mysticism: Storing Power43 mins
In the practice of mysticism there are four stages.

downloadModular Mysticism: Seeing44 mins
Seeing is the ability to tell what really is.

downloadInstant Enlightenment44 mins
How can you tell when you're enlightened?

downloadSophisticated Sexuality1 hr 13 mins
Today is eternity. In eternity there is only awareness.

downloadModular Mysticism: Dress For Power46 mins
The way you dress is extremely important because it demonstrates the impeccability of your spirit.

downloadSpiritual Crossroads1 hr 9 mins
Tonight my interest specifically is the crossroads that we come to once one has reached the point where there is no other alternative but self-discovery.

downloadHow To Make Friends With God43 mins
God doesn't speak through words or thoughts, God doesn't speak. God is silent.

downloadThe Non-Doing of Meditation45 mins
Consider what it is that you're trying to do. Not so much why, because I think the why eludes us all.

downloadWhy Don't More Women Attain Enlightenment?1 hr 12 mins
I feel if we can correctly understand this one subject, we will understand all subjects, whereas if we fail to understand this one subject, we will fail to understand any subject. I feel it is that important.

downloadLove - The Fourth Level of Ecstasy1 hr 56 mins
I have spent my whole life studying love. Love has been the only thing that's ever really excited me in this world.

downloadTibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrine1 hr 44 mins
The suggestion is that instead of staying with the destiny that you have now, it's possible to transcend all of that and within the structure of a lifetime to be born again many times.

downloadThe Truth1 hr 15 mins
Tonight I would like to talk to you a little bit about spiritual metamorphosis or transformation.

downloadThe Sorcerer's Explanation1 hr 35 mins
In self-discovery what we do is go inside someone and actually change their structure many, many, many times.

Psychic Development


downloadSelfless Giving45 mins
What do you want? Are you content with your life as it is?

downloadDharma45 mins
The dharma of the psychic individual, which of course is you, is very, very different than the dharma of the individual whos not psychically developed.

downloadThe Caretaker Personality47 mins
Advanced seers believe that we are not just one type of being. Rather, they believe that we are composed of many different beings, we have many different selves within us.

downloadPsychic Self Defense45 mins
Now, what's psychic self-defense? Well, very simply, it is maintaining the integrity of your own awareness. Life is a happy thing unless someone interferes with you, or of course unless you interfere with the happiness of others.

downloadPlaces of Power44 mins
The awareness of the earth changes from place to place. Some places on the earth are places of power-places of power for human beings. Some places are the opposite-they're places of negative energy, reverse charge, where you lose energy, you lose power, you lose consciousness.

downloadSeeing45 mins
What is seeing? Well, seeing is a direct, immediate knowledge of something. It does not imply any kind of judgment or moral system or philosophical outlook or religious viewpoint. Seeing is seeing.

On the Road with Rama


downloadNeutral Density - Continental Divide, Colorado46 mins
Today I'd like to talk to you about neutral density -- the neutral density of perpetual being -- being awareness without being aware of yourself as such.

downloadUnity - The Big Island of Hawaii46 mins
I'm facing the direction of the volcano Mauna Kea. It's obscured by a heavy cloud cover. Behind me is Mauna Loa -- the twin peaks of the Big Island. And today I'd like to talk to you about making yourself available to energy, to power.

downloadMagic - Lake Tahoe, Nevada47 mins
The school of awareness is the school of mysticism. Mysticism is the experience of eternity, of that which lies beyond the physical phenomenal experience.

downloadElectronic Tribe - Nantucket, Massachusetts45 mins
I'm pulled off by the side of the road at a place of power, thinking about the future, which occurred a long, long time ago, long before any of us can remember. It's windy out -- the winds of time are blowing, the winds of change.

downloadKundalini Yoga - Haleakala, Maui46 mins
It's the first day of August in 1985, and I'm somewhere here in the middle of eternity. I'd like to talk to you today about kundalini yoga, the yoga of power and energy.

downloadPower - Continental Divide, Colorado45 mins
You were born with a specific amount of energy. That energy came from the totality. It came from your other lives. In this lifetime, you can increase your energy or you can decrease it.

downloadTranscendentalism - Walden Pond, Massachusetts46 mins
Transcendentalism answers these and other questions, not so much with verbal answers or with a singular philosophy, but by suggesting that there are layers of reality, and that the average individual only sees one or two of these layers perhaps in an entire lifetime.

The Zen Tapes


downloadPersonal Power59 mins
What is power anyway? Power, as I define it -- personal power -- is something that's not necessarily visible.

downloadCareer Success45 mins
Next to meditation itself, I really can't think of anything more important than the development of your career -- because nothing has a greater effect on your awareness level.

downloadHappiness47 mins
Happiness is your life, when you let go of it a little bit more. Happiness is everything in the whole universe. It's a state of mind.

downloadOvercoming Stress56 mins
Stress elimination. The koan is: Life doesn't change, but you do. The world is the world. It's different than you suppose.

downloadEnlightenment1 hr 18 mins
The most noble of all pursuits is to be enlightened, to know truth, to have knowledge and yet be beyond even truth and knowledge, to be God.

downloadReincarnation1 hr 25 mins
Reincarnation. Past lives. Future lives. Immortality. Your purpose in this lifetime. Twin souls, soul mates and karmic connections. Past life remembrances in waking states, dreams, during meditation.

downloadKarma1 hr 5 mins
Karma is your own energy -- the energy patterns that emanate from your life, from your actions, from your thoughts, feelings and desires, your attractions and aversions, hopes, dreams, plans and schemes -- karma.

downloadPsychic Development48 mins
Beyond mind, beyond time, beyond space, there's immortal awareness. The universe is a giant mind. Some people have the ability to tap into that mind. We call them psychic.

downloadZazen: Concentration and Meditation1 hr 3 mins
Zen -- which means meditation, stopping thought -- is about going beyond ideas to direct and immediate experiences.

downloadTantric Zen47 mins
So what is Tantric Zen? It's inside your mind. Everything is inside your mind. Even you are inside your own mind.

downloadDeveloping Willpower54 mins
There is another possibility. One can become limitless, enlightened, aware, awakened, knowledgeable and powerful in ways that the human beings who traverse this earth cannot yet fathom.

downloadManaging and Increasing Your Energy39 mins
The study of Zen is the study of energy, power, knowledge and balance. It's the science of energy conservation and control.

downloadOvercoming Fears43 mins
I'd like to talk with you about overcoming your fears, whether they're small fears or large fears, fears that you're aware of or subconscious fears, fears that you don't know you have.

downloadRapid Mental Development43 mins
What do I mean by rapid mental development? Well, rapid mental development is the escalation of consciousness.

downloadAdvanced Meditation Practices59 mins
What do I have to say about advanced meditation? It's a feeling. It's beyond the body and beyond the mind.

downloadThe Zen of Sports and Athletics44 mins
Preparation of the mind. All athletics, and success in sports and athletics, from the Zen point of view, comes from the mind.

downloadHow To Be A Successful Student59 mins
We're taught how to live. We're given tasks, but no one ever really teaches us how to be a successful student.

downloadWinning46 mins
Today our subject is winning -- the Zen of winning. Now that may seem to some like a contradictory term, which is appropriate.

Tantric Buddhism

1988 - 1989

downloadTantric Buddhism37 mins
We don't believe in sin. Stupidity, yes, meaning we make ourselves or others suffer. Intelligence, yes, meaning we go beyond suffering personally or we assist others in that process.

downloadSix Worlds42 mins
There are six worlds. There are countless subdivisions of the six, but there are six.

downloadThe Mature Monk31 mins
The eye of God is inside us. It's looking through us and it sees whatever we look at. Sometimes I think we could give God better things to look at than the things we focus on, don't you?

downloadThe Natural State46 mins
The perfect view of existence comes from an unclouded, uncluttered life and mind whereby the radiance of perfect attention of the mind of the universe floods us at every moment.

downloadFreedom1 hr 17 mins
Our subject is freedom. It's always the same. How do we become free, free from the limitations of dimensionality?

downloadEnlightenment27 mins
I've read a lot about enlightenment and thought about it quite a bit, and I find that it doesn't have much to do with enlightenment.

downloadSelf-Effort24 mins
Divinity does not require humanity's understanding. It exists because it exists because it exists.

downloadPossibilities26 mins
Astrology is the science of time and space. It is the science of karma.

downloadThe Nexus of All Pathways55 mins
Being on the circle of yin or yang does not necessarily mean that you will ever go beyond the circle because the source of the circle is not necessarily connected to it.

downloadThe Path of Affirmation39 mins
Why do we meditate? Why do we engage in practices? Why bother?

downloadBuddhism31 mins
Buddhism is essentially the establishment of one's mind in that which is ineffable.

downloadComputer Science19 mins
Some people are connoisseurs of states of mind, just as some people are connoisseurs of wine, food, countries, lovers.

downloadThe Awareness of Meditation33 mins
Meditation is the art of breathing - breathing out and breathing in.

downloadFocus and Meditation25 mins
The practice of meditation is emptying the mind. When the mind is empty, completely empty, it's perfect meditation.

downloadProfessional Meditation26 mins
When a person has become used to meditating on a regular basis and the practice has become a part of your life, we reach a kind of threshold that some people don't cross.

downloadThe Best Meditation I Ever Had20 mins
The best meditation I ever had, I haven't had yet.

downloadMetaphysics40 mins
The reason that you're engaged in metaphysics is -- there's no reason, you just don't have any choice. You couldn't stop, no matter what you did.

downloadA Clean Room25 mins
The way you keep your room clean, the way you keep your life clean, is by not letting a lot of clutter in. You keep it simple.

downloadThe Bhagavad-Gita44 mins
The Bhagavad Gita is a conversation between enlightenment and that which unknowingly seeks enlightenment.

downloadBuddhist Enlightenment19 mins
The essence of Buddhism is simply that the mind is forever, and that there are endless states of mind.

downloadThe Path of Negation33 mins
But the path of negation, which is the esoteric or more advanced part of the enlightenment process, is the path of understanding. It's the path of knowledge.

downloadTransience20 mins
Everything is transient and it's a good thing, as I said. I celebrate the transient constantly. I don't find that sorrowful in any way.

downloadPeak Experiences32 mins
What I'm teaching you is how to experience the manifold realities of mind, how to go places that very few people ever go, and you come back from those places different.

downloadSolstices and Equinoxes1 hr 3 mins
There are four times of tremendous power that occur every year, and those are the solstices and the equinoxes.

downloadTenacity33 mins
An individual has to be tenacious enough to become enlightened.

downloadBuddhist Yoga38 mins
Nothing lasts. Consider everything that you've gone through and experienced thus far.

downloadLight14 mins
There is only black light, between the stars. It may seem that it's darkness, but it's really black light.

The Enlightenment Cycle


downloadMeditation30 mins
Meditation is a process of expanding your awareness. When you meditate you get in touch with the deepest part of yourself.

downloadBuddhism29 mins
The essential premise of Buddhism is that there is enlightenment, there is nirvana. Beyond this world, beyond all worlds, there is something radiant, perfect, and eternal.

downloadPower59 mins
Power is the active force in life. It is the force of life that makes awareness. Power is seen in the wind, in fire, in movement, physical movement, emotional movement, mental movement.

downloadBalance30 mins
Spiritual balance is the ability to be happy in spite of circumstances.

downloadWisdom30 mins
Wisdom is the ability to do two things at once. To be in the world and of it and enjoy it, participate in it fully and successfully, and at the same time to not be here at all. To be in realms of light.

downloadEnlightenment30 mins
Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life without mental modification.

downloadPersonal Happiness30 mins
What makes us happy and what increases is contact with light. The experience of light in a very pure form, if not the purest form, always creates happiness.

downloadReincarnation30 mins
What's interesting about reincarnation from the point of view of the more advanced soul is how the process works.

downloadCareer Success30 mins
Unless you use work in a Tantric way. Unless you use work as a way of advancing yourself. And that's how I define career success.

downloadMiracles30 mins
Miracles. I like miracles. They inspire me. Miracles cause you to believe, to have faith in the unseen, to look further into things, deeper into things.

downloadIntermediate Meditation1 hr
Then, in the intermediate stage, it's an opening, a deepening of one's awareness but with a focus towards the planes of light.

downloadThe Enlightenment Cycle32 mins
Enlightenment is the complete awareness of life without any mental modifications. It is perfect light, light that has always existed, exists now and will always exist.